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    Shahon Marshall, MSW, LCSWA and founder of Beautiful Broken Vessels is an MSW graduate from New York University. She began volunteering with the domestic violence population in 2015 which catapulted her into a career of Social Work. Shahon’s heart is to work with adolescents and young adults towards preventing and bringing awareness of intimate partner violence. She has five years of experience in this field and has undergone extensive training to hone her skills as well as increase her knowledge.

    Shahon received her undergraduate degree in Journalism and plans to use these particular skill sets to bring to light the rising epidemic of intimate partner violence. Shahon’s goals include, creating a platform for survivors to speak freely, bringing more awareness to the devastating effects of intimate partner violence and initiating change that would result in increased support for victims and survivors alike. Shahon will also continue working towards creating a safe space for survivors to freely report incidents of victimization while simultaneously decreasing the stigma around reporting


​         Beautiful Broken Vessels is a non-profit organization whose goal is to educate and transform the lifestyle of adolescents and young women as they learn to love self and curate healthy relationships. 


         Beautiful Broken Vessels will bring about awareness of toxic and abusive relationships. We will work towards preventing toxic cycles while cultivating a platform of self-love and healing. Beautiful Broken Vessels will provide therapeutic, self-improvement and self-empowerment services; ultimately, emboldening women to grasp their true value, worth and life’s purpose in the way that God intended.

        Forming Beautiful Broken Vessels weighed heavily on Shahon's heart for years due to personal experiences with comparison, rejection and insecurity.  As a young lady, Shahon found herself asking questions like, “Who am I?” or "Am I good enough?"  Her search for answers led her into relationships that were sometimes toxic, and even abusive.  Shahon’s life experiences, coupled with her education and training opened her eyes and heart to the need for a program that would provide guidance and instruction so that young women could affirmatively answer the question that she often struggled to…“I AM good enough!”


Read our bylaws here 

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