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See the following open volunteer positions available. Please click the links below to learn more information. If you have any questions, please email us at

Board Chair Board Member

The Board Chair is a volunteer position with Beautiful Broken Vessels that presides over the board meetings while setting a strong, motivated and transparent culture between members. They ensure meetings are run smoothly and efficiently to guarantee there is consensus within board decisions. They are responsible for typing board meeting agendas and assigning tasks as needed to board members. The Board Chair will follow up with board members on a consistent basis by email or phone, holding them accountable and ensuring they have the necessary resources to complete assigned tasks in a timely manner. The Board Chair will meet with the Director/President to verify the agenda is in line with the organization's goals and mission statement. They will also meet with the  

Vice President/President to ensure the organization remains in line with the core values, mission and vision statement. 

Marketing Chair Board Member

Heading 2

The Marketing Chair, which is a volunteer position; is responsible for executing a marketing strategy, clearly communicating and promoting Beautiful Broken Vessels’ mission within the community. They will construct and provide monthly reports on the impact made within the program for the Board meetings and grant funders with information provided by the program director. The Marketing Committee Chair will post pictures to the website and social media of any fundraising events or projects.  It’s imperative to get people talking about Beautiful Broken Vessels. Therefore, you are responsible for showing our success via social media, with an increase in followers, likes and shares; in addition to, an uptick in click rates on the company’s website. The Marketing Chair is responsible for working in conjunction with the Fundraising Chair to promote events to the general public and other tasks that may arise. The Marketing Chair will also work in conjunction with the Recruitment Chair to provide pamphlets and other items as needed; for community members, schools, churches, etc. to bring awareness and draw participants into the program.

In a Meeting

"The key to leadership is influence, not authority."

                     ~ Kenneth Blanchard 

Fundraising Chair Board Member

The role of the Fundraising Chair, which is a volunteer position; is to ensure efficient funds are continually being raised, while simultaneously overseeing fundraising activities. They would creatively generate revenue through grants, recurring donors, as well as securing new supporters; to sustain the monthly and annual financial goals for Beautiful Broken Vessels. The Fundraising Chair will work in tandem with the Treasurer to make sure the annual Operating/Net Working Capital goals are steadily met. They will construct and provide monthly reports for the Board meetings as well as potential grant funders. It is the responsibility of the Fundraising Chair to work in conjunction with the Marketing Chair to promote events to the general public and other tasks that may arise.

Recruitment Chair Board Member

Business Meeting

The Recruitment Chair, which is a volunteer position, builds relationships within the community, churches and area schools. The recruitment chair will build rapport with the appropriate community and school leaders to provide avenues for the Founder to hold presentations about Beautiful Broken Vessels’ mission; while simultaneously increasing participant and donor connections. Beautiful Broken Vessels encourages you to use any and all available resources, create and bring in referrals, help build Beautiful Broken Vessels credibility and expand our organization's recognition within the community.

"A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way."

                 ~John C. Maxwell

Content Development Assistant 

The role of the Content Development Assistant, a volunteer position, is to ensure Beautiful Broken Vessels’ curriculum and program is in line with the identified emotional and mental needs of young women within our community. The Content Development Assistant is primarily responsible for researching and developing content related to goals and objectives as outlined in each lesson plan. During onboarding, the content development assistant will complete a self-guided training (consisting of videos and weekly check-ins with the development team) over the course of several weeks.  You will learn about cognitive behavioral theory, trauma-informed theory, how to develop skills in program/content development, relationship building and diversity and inclusion, ethics and working with youth; as well as be able to apply content knowledge on topics of domestic violence and sexual assault. In addition, Beautiful Broken Vessels will provide ongoing training allowing room for mentorship, professional development and growth.

Social Media Content Creator

Volunteering with Childrenjpg

The social media content creator is a volunteer position with Beautiful Broken Vessels, who is creative and innovative. You will report to the marketing chair, working in tandem with the marketing and fundraising team. The content creator is responsible for producing marketing content for all of Beautiful Broken Vessels social media platforms, blog and the website. Your created posts will increase traffic and brand awareness, generating leads for new business as well as donations. You will help us reach our target audience by delivering both useful and appealing online information about what matters the most to them. The content creator is capable of providing marketing support for content at company events and fundraisers. 

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